Server Time: 10/36/21
  • Player Online : 2804 / 5000
  • Server Time: 10:36:21
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Roc:
  • Fortress war:
  • Register: Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Styria Clash:
  • Battle Arena (SCORE):
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  • Tower Defend:


1.) The launcher or sro_client.exe has stopped working!

This error is 99% related to a DEP compatibility issue between your PC and the client - the fix is easy!

Step 1 - Navigate to This PC (or My Computer depending on your OS).
Step 2 - Right click a blank section of the display menu and select "Properties."
Step 3 - Select "Advanced System Settings." 
Step 4 - Move to the "Advanced" tab and select settings on the "Performance" section.
Step 5 - Select the third and final tab: Data Execution Prevention.
Step 6 - Select the second bullet option: "Turn on DEP for those all programs and services except the ones I select.
Step 7 - Add Serapis's launcher(Silkroad.exe), sro_client.exe, and replacer.exe to DEP. Select apply and you are done!!

2.) My HWID limit has been reached? But I can't even login?

This issue is often due to either an Antivirus software blocking the functions of our DLL, or a faulty communication between our server network and your PC.

The first course of action is to attempt to restart your PC, and be sure that you have the "MaxiGuard.dll" file in your Serapis client folder.

If this does not work, there is also a strong chance that this is due to a duplicated network adapter causing invalid information to be sent to our server.
You can fix(disable) this second adapter very easily.

Step 1 - Open the "Run" application.
Step 2 - Type and enter "ncpa.cpl" (without the " marks) and click enter.
Step 3 - Disable every *INACTIVE* network adapter. (DO NOT DISABLE ANY ACTIVE ADAPTERS!!)
Step 4 - Restart your computer, run the launcher(Silkroad.exe) as administrator, and try to login to Serapis again!

3.) I am getting a C8 Error on the client when I try to login!

This is due to an incorrect execution of the game files. You must launch the game from "Silkroad.exe" and NOT "sro_client.exe"!!!
This may also be due to a deeper client issue or corrupt file, so if this issue persists after the above action, do not hesitate to open a ticket on our website or Discord server!

4.) I am getting disconnected while wearing Job Suit!

You have reached the maximum PC/IP limit to use job materials: 1! You can only use 1 account while jobbing simultaneously to prevent cheating and abuse of the system.
This may also be due to a "Job Ban," which is when you have abused an exploit or hack in our jobbing system without reporting it to an administrator, and we have banned your account, HWID, and IP from performing any jobbing actions in the future! Abusing bugs without reporting them to an admin is not okay under ANY circumstance!

5.) SRO_Client.exe has stopped working while teleporting or scrolling?

Step 1 - Open silkroad.exe as administrator
Step 2 - Set settings and effects to LOW or custom!
Step 3 - *If you are using mBot, run "MBOT_Loader" as administrator!

6.) I keep getting clientless!

Clientless occurs when too much data/packets are received by the client at once and the data cannot be expressed; therefore the client crashes. There is no way to fix such a bug - but there are solutions to help.

- Run the client as administrator.
- Set effects and graphics settings to low.
- Hold the "V" key while running in packed server environments (this will hide all characters).

7.) While updating my client, I get an error: "Patching has not finished. Error Code [X]."

Step 1 - Navigate to your game folder and delete the "temppath" folder.
Step 2 - Disable all antivirus software (OR add your game folder to exclusions).
Step 3 - Run your Silkroad.exe file as administrator and try again!

8.) I am getting a "Server is currently offline" error on my launcher, but I am sure that the server is online!

This is due to a blocked client to server connection. This is most often due to an antivirus block. Be sure that you have your Serapis game folder added as an EXCEPTION in all forms of active antivirus.
This can ALSO be caused by an IP ban.

9.) My client is detecting a virus when I start it?

Have no fear! This virus is simply a false detection. Our advanced client and DLL grab identifier values from your PC in order to enforce login limitations and ban systems. Just whitelist the files: "sro_client.exe" - "MaxiGuard.dll" from virus detections on all forms of active antivirus software.

10.) I have a question regarding the game system that I can't find the answer to on the FAQ, EPVP, or other threads. What can I do?

Visit our discord channel at: --- you can also open a ticket on our website! We have 24/7 support on all platforms!